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The Legend of Swanfeather

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The Legend of Swanfeather Empty The Legend of Swanfeather

Post by Lexy on February 6th 2009, 5:24 pm

Okay, so this is a book I'm maybe thinking of actually finishing

-most books i write get tiresome and i ditch them

But this one I think I'm gonna try and complete-lol
Anyways, I thought I should just post a little of it and see what you guys think. I've written about 5-6 chapters...soo here is some...

(constructive critiscim appreciated ^_^)

Swanfeather was settled comfortably on a thick, furry rug. The rest of her clan was snuggled in the large tepee around her. She had never felt more comfortable and at peace with the world.

Even her two annoying little brothers seemed bearable and looked almost cute, cuddled up together beside their grandmother-Dancing Swan. Fighting Wind, the clan leader was sitting on a pile of deer rugs beside the medicine man- Watches Like A Buffalo. Then Fighting Wind began to tell the ancient legends. Swanfeather sighed contentedly and looked into the fire. She was thirteen summers old and she had heard these stories many times before but she never tired of them.

For her two brothers, Runs like an Antelope and Five Hooves, this was the first time they would hear them. When they were four years old, they didn’t understand. When they were five, they had fallen asleep, now at the age of six, and they were determined to plant the ancient legends in their heads. Fighting Wind looked around the tepee and cleared his throat. ‘Long, long ago-there was a great battle in the world of Rasip, the world we live in. As you know, Rasip is divided into hundreds of regions, all of them very different from the last, but all of them connected together underneath one leader, Jadu’ said Fighting Wind. The Red Indian region is perhaps the most special of all the regions because it is where Jadu himself was born and that is why the Red Indian region is one of the biggest regions in the whole of the Rasip world.

The clan smiled and felt proud. One day, an alligator called Rasip challenged Jadu. Rasip wanted the whole world to be water and marshland. Jadu said that millions of people and animals would die but Rasip did not care and he challenged Jadu. For those young ones who have not heard this legend before, Jadu is a bear. He is the greatest of all bears and that is why all bears throughout the world are sacred, special and of high importance’ said Fighting Wind. He looked around before continuing on.

‘The battle was bloody and many alligators and bears fought.. Jadu eventually won and knocked Rasip to his knees. That is why all alligators crawl and they will crawl forever more because of their leader-Rasip. But Jadu had a soft heart and so he called this world, Rasip. After the toughest challenger he had ever fought. Where Jadu and Rasip fought is a small region called Core. Core used to be where the plains were so vast and the marshlands were so vast that they intertwined. Now, Core, is small barren wasteland. Eagles always fly overhead, checking on it, eagles are sacred animals too. Anyone who ventures into Core is swooped up by the eagles and taken to Jadu who will challenge them. Jadu does not want anyone in Core, he thinks that the past should be left behind, the battlefields, forgotten’ said Fighting Wind.

The fire crackled and small sweets were handed out. Swanfeather took one and sucked on it. That was the main legend but Fighting Wind went on to tell many more.

iknow its kinda annoying but thats the start of the book so i kind a had to set the scene-llol
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