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Elemental Wars

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Elemental Wars Empty Elemental Wars

Post by CJWatso on July 9th 2009, 11:10 am

Since the dawn of the Elementals; the four elementals have fought…

The Air Elemental, never did like the others. Sitting in her throne for the clouds. The throne sitting in the Castel of the Sky
The Earth Elementals, stayed in his halls of rock and stones. Shy of the air... Water and Fire are their mortal enemies.
Fire Elementals fight till the death. They fear Water Elementals. Earth Elementals fear them. Sitting in their fiery halls of Volcanoes.
Water Elementals flock in halls beneath the water surface. No one bother them.

For years these for Elementals fight. Until the Air Elemental Tadewi grows tried of the fighting. She walks on Earth, hoping for help in stopping this on going war.... This War has been passed down to Tadewi and her generation... Even down to the Benders that follow the Songs of Earth, Water, Fire, and Sky. The Songs of the four Elements Hassun (Earth), Chaschunka (Water), Iamaya (Fire), Tadewi (Sky).
Tadewi watched her air benders train, as they continue to walk off to war, against the other three Elementals. Sometimes she wonders why the Sky is in this… She understands why the others fight. The Fire Elemental, has always fought with Earth, messing with his land… burning down Hassun’s trees and so on. Water always putting the Elemental out, and bring down the rocks, by erosion. But Air and Water never fight against each other, nor do Earth, and Fire bother them.
The volcanoes roar, and thunder, as their fiery flames shoot out from the flumes. Iamaya walks through her fiery halls watching her warriors fire bend, and control the fire. She and her fire benders fear Chaschunka and his power over water, that can end her destruction. Iamaya shudder as she thinks about it.
Chaschunka lazily swim in his water, becoming ready for the up coming battles with Iamaya. He laughed quietly to himself. Exiting the water of his home, Chaschunka watched his water benders make weapons out of the river rocks that lay on the bottom. Their water eroding the rocks to make them into swords, and spears.
The door to the hall of the Earth Elemental creak and groin, as they open. Stepping out into the bright sun light Hassun looked at his kingdom. He smelt smoke in the air of Tadewi. Hassun wrinkled his brow. He knew that Iamaya was out, and roaming the Earth… his land.

Fire of the Dragon, Water of the Naiad, Air of the Pegasus, Earth of the Minotaur, Light of the Sun, Shadow of the Moon


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