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Character Ranks and Names Taken

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Character Ranks and Names Taken

Post by CJWatso on August 21st 2009, 10:44 am

This is a newer list of all of our Charries. It will be up dated either by me or the other two Admins. Please PM us all new Charries.

Gods and Goddesses:
Barkui-The God of Gods (The King of Gods) (CJ) - Council Leader
Beranabus- The God of Darkness (Cjwatso) - Council
Subanareb- The God of Light (Kodack) - Council
Themis - goddess of justice (Goddess of the sea)
Phaeton - god of wind(Goddess of the sea)
Ahadi - god of lions(Goddess of the sea)
Einar - god of war(Goddess of the sea)
Ray-Mother Earth (No Owner)
Atara-goddess of ravens & wolfs (oO Renn Oo)
Hecta-goddess of the night (oO Renn Oo)
Galihaly-goddess of beauty (oO Renn Oo)
Amphitrite-goddess of the sea (oO Renn Oo)
Rane - Goddess of Rain (Skywalker)
Sonador - goddess of dreams (Persephony76)
Keanu - god of summer (Goddess of the sea)
Selithia - goddess of the sun (kjwolfy)
Rasmus - God of Love (skywalker)
Liv - Goddess of Music (skywalker)
Nargui - God of Trees (CJWatso)
Athena/Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom (oO Renn Oo)
Killa - Goddess of the Moon (oO Renn Oo)
Ember - Goddess of Fire (oO Renn Oo)
Leanne - Goddess of Healing (Tiggi)
Rafiel - God of Skill (Tiggi)
Micaiah - Goddess of Birds (Tiggi)
Rayson - God of Strength (Tiggi)
Reine - Goddess of Weather (Tiggi)
Valdís - Goddess of Fire (Goddess of the Sea)

Mythical Creature Characters:
Cafyna-elfe (oO Renn Oo)
Yawany-dryad (oO Renn Oo)
Loire-naiad (oO Renn Oo)
Brunnhild - valkyre (Godess of the sea)
Freya - valkirye (skywalker)
Dimitri -elf (Skywalker)
Loudvic - elf (Skywalker)
Ianée-Amazone (oO Renn Oo)
Alohalani - Amazone (Goddess of the sea)
Cameron Greer - Vampire (Walker

Human characters:
Jaque-Human (cjwatso)
Al - human (Skywalker)

Animal Characters:

Ahadi Aslan - lion (Goddess of the sea)
Tyi-tiger (oO Renn Oo)
Nagard - dragon (Persephony76)
Hugin and Munin - Odin's ravens (Goddess of the sea)
Shadowfax - horse (Goddess of the sea)
Orage - horse (oO Renn Oo)
God Of Darkness (Admin)
God Of Darkness (Admin)

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