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Norse Gods

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Norse Gods Empty Norse Gods

Post by CJWatso on December 3rd 2008, 4:37 pm

  • Balder Hringhorni, greatest of all ships Consort: Nanna

  • Borr Father of Odin, Vili and Ve. Consort: Bestla

  • Bragi-skaldship Consort: Iðunn

  • Búri-Father of Borr. Grandfather of Odin

  • Dagr Day personified son of Delling and Nótt.

  • Delling Father of Dagr by Nótt.

  • Eir healing

  • Forseti God of justice, peace and truth Son of Baldr and Nanna.

  • Freyja Goddess associated with wealth, love, beauty, magic, prophecy, war, battle, and death. necklace Brísingamen

  • Valshamr, a cloak giving ability to change into a bird
    Cat-drawn Chariot

  • Hildisvini, a golden-bristled boar
    Consort: Óðr

  • Freyr God associated with Fertlity. Gullinbursti, a shining dwarf-made boar

  • Skíðblaðnir, a ship that can be folded to pocket-size
    Consort: Gerðr

  • Frigg Goddess of marriage and motherhood. Consort: Óðinn

  • Fulla golden ribbon around her head Frigg´s handmaid.

  • Gefjun perhaps fertility

  • Hel Ruler of Hel. Daughter of Loki

  • Heimdall Guardian of Ásgarð

  • Hermóðr A son or servant of Odin.

  • Hlín handmaid of Frigg

  • Höðr Killer of Baldr brother of Baldr

  • Hœnir Becoming one of the few survivors of Ragnarök

  • Iðunn Keeper of apples of eternal youthfulness Consort: Bragi.

  • Jörð Earth personified Mother of Þórr by Odin

  • Kvasir wisest of the Vanir created from saliva of all the gods

  • Lofn

  • Loki Shape-shifter and gender-shifter Consort: Sigyn

  • Máni The moon personified

  • Mímir Wisdom

  • Nanna Daughter of Nepr and wife of Baldr. Mother of Forseti

  • Nerthus A goddess mentioned by Tacitus. Her name is connected to that of Njörðr.

  • Njörðr A god associated with seafaring, wind, and wealth.

  • Norns destiny Well of Urðr

  • Nótt Night personified.

  • Odin Lord of the Æsir. God of both wisdom and war
    (also battle, death, magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt) Hugin and Munin, ravens bearing news and information

  • Geri and Freki, wolf companions

  • Hlidskjalf, a high seat enabling look into all worlds

  • Sleipner, His eight legged horse
    Consort: Frigg.

  • Sága An obscure goddess, possibly another name for Frigg.

  • Sif Wife of Thor.

  • Sjöfn love

  • Skaði Njörðr's ex-wife. Daughter of Thjazi, and stepmother of Freyr and Freyja

  • Skirnir

  • Skuld

  • Snotra

  • Sól (Sunna) The sun personified.

  • Thor God associated with thunder Mjolnir, Thor's hammer
    Megingjord, Thor's belt
    Járngreipr, Thor's gloves

  • Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, the goats of Thor who draw his chariot
    Consort: Sif.

  • Týr

  • Ullr Archery, Skiing Son of Sif.

  • Urd

  • Váli

  • Vár

  • Vé One of the three gods of creation Brother of Odin and Vili.

  • Verdandi

  • Víðarr Son of Odin and the giantess Gríðr.

  • Vili One of the three gods of creation Brother of Odin and Vé.

  • Vör

Lesser figures
  • Ægir - Consort: Rán

  • Andhrímnir - A cook in Valhalla.

  • Aurvandil - A minor figure in the Skáldskaparmál with cognates in other Germanic tales.

  • Elli - Personification of old age

  • Fenrir- Son of Loki and the giantess Angrboða. Destined to grow too large for his bonds and devour Odin during the course of Ragnarök.

  • Magni - Son of Thor and Járnsaxa.

  • Meili - A brother of Thor.

  • Móði - Son of Þórr.

  • Rán - Keeper of the drowned. Consort: Ægir

  • Þrúðr - Daughter of Þórr and Sif.
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