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The Sorry Letter.... (For Goddess)

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The Sorry Letter.... (For Goddess) Empty The Sorry Letter.... (For Goddess)

Post by CJWatso on February 6th 2009, 5:56 pm

Today the world turned up side down for Sky. She lost her best friend in a matter of seconds. Sky never thought that saying ‘Did I do something wrong?, or Is everything alright?’ Be the words to start a fight. She watched her best friend walk away from her. Sky watched Goddess as Sky called Daisy, walk back to camp. at a camping trip that this turned out to be...” Sky muttered to herself and she walked off towards the unknown woods that where standing behind her. Walking towards the uninvited forest Sky felt the tears she was holding back follow lose now. She walked on... Sky came to a pool of water and a fallen tree. She sat down on the ground so that she could lean against the log.
Sky took out a pad of paper and began to write something for Goddess hoping that it would show her friend how much she meant to Sky. Sky began to write a poem... She couldn’t come up with any thing. She took out her I pod and went looking for a song. Sky found the song.... It was ‘Into the West’ by Annie Lennox. Sky began to sing along...

“Lay down
Your sweet and weary head
Night is falling
You’ve come to journey’s end
Sleep now
And dream of the ones the who have came before
They are calling...”

Sky then began to write a letter to Goddess. She poured her heart out into this letter. Sky reread the letter to make sure that it was good.

Dear Goddess,
I am truly sorry for getting on your nerves. I will do anything to get back into your good graces. I will, and hope that I can understand your decision of not forgiving me. I wouldn’t either. But I can try and beg or your forgiveness. I hope to become a better friend for you. I never meant to hurt you, after all you are my truest friend that I have ever talked to or meet. I Sky promises to be a better friend.
I want to be the one who you can still trust, and I hope that we can put this behind us. This fight has me thinking that my life is not worth living with out you talking to me. I meant to do no harm to you . You replaced all the friends that I lost when they moved on, with their lives. You picked me up. I owe you a lot Goddess, more or less I should owe you my life.
Yours Truly

Sky looked at it, with a nod to hersekf Sky got up and walked to Goddess’s tent.
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