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Biography of a well beloved Wolf Character

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Biography of a well beloved Wolf Character Empty Biography of a well beloved Wolf Character

Post by CJWatso on September 6th 2009, 4:50 pm

Hey Everyone,

Recently I have become obsessed with Shadow, my wolf charrie again and I made a family tree and am currently writing his biography. I currently have four Word pages of it, here is the first page of Shadow's Story: (comments please!)

Shadow – The True Story

Shadow was born first of a litter of five wolf cubs. He inherited his father’s black fur and mother’s amber eyes. Second born was his brother Wind, fur as white as snow and eyes as blue as the sky. Third born was Gariu, her father’s black fur and brown eyes. Forth, Blake; fur brown like his mothers and the brown eyes of his father. Finally, fifth born was Waroi, fur snow white and amber eyes.

For three moons Shadow and his siblings lived with their mother and father until the flood came. Shadow was left, barely alive with his brother Wind… They found the dead bodies of their two sisters and parents, but Blake’s was nowhere to be found.

The two brothers grew up and lived together for three moons. Hunting and protecting the territory their father had claimed. Until one day, whilst hunting deer, they smelt a female. They ignored her and continued to hunt the deer… Shadow was about to spring onto a young doe when the female they had smelt earlier pounced from the other side of the clearing… She missed the young deer she had been doing for and the herd fled. Shadow first saw Chanli… Her fur as black as his and her eyes blue like the sea… He absent-mindedly exited the bushes he had been hiding in and greeted the female, his brother following suit.

Chanli stayed with the two brothers for a moon, before they smelt a second female… Chanli and Shadow had been steadily falling in love and to escape them Wind went to find and greet this other female in their territory. He found the brown female with grey tips to her fur and grey eyes… Dawn. He greeted her and she invited him to share her meal… They shared it and returned to the den, where Chanli and Shadow were waiting. Dawn and Wind where both heavily in love by this point.

The group decided to go their separate ways… They still communicated by howling over the valleys, Shadow and Chanli after just under a summer had four cubs. Two of which died at birth. The other two, a large black male and a small black female, they called Cafori and Flen.

A moon after the birth of the cubs, Wind caused a rock fall, crushing the den and killing the cubs; he fled. Shadow and Chanli, both believing the other and the cubs to be dead, fled from the den… Chanli to become a loner. Shadow to take control of the wolf pack that his father had led. The Darkness Pack.

The Darkness Pack was a pack consisting completely of black wolves… They roamed the forest killing all wolves not black and Shadow discovered the truth about himself. He was a Wolf Magician. Wolf Magicians were only born once a generation and were very rare; they led the wolf mages of the forest. Where as wolf mages were able to do magic using enchanted words, wolf magicians could do stronger magic by speaking the words in their minds.

Shadow and The Darkness Pack terrorised the forest for moons, Shadow using his magic to kill and destroy all not black wolves until one day they killed a pack of white wolves… With them was a single black wolf cub… He looked just like Cafori had… Shadow showed mercy to the cub, whereas the rest of the Darkness Pack wanted to kill the cub for living with white wolves… Shadow kept the cub and adopted him, naming him Carnage.

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